Is this your child?     

Is This Your Child?

Smart, inquisitive, creative

•Gifted, kind, gentle, empathetic


Is This, Also, Your Child?

•Challenged by a disability

•Struggling with school and homework

•Disorganized, impulsive, inattentive 

•Unhappy, anxious, stressed; bullied 


Is This You?

•Worrying and feeling under siege; feeling guilty?

•Unsure as to your child’s medical and academic challenges?

•Concerned for  your child diagnosed with issues such as Autism or AD(H)D?

•Clashing with the school about the contents of your child’s IEP?

•Desperate to find someone to listen, to partner, and to help?

Homework Help
Kids Doing Homework

     How do we support you?     

Our  program works with you and your child on six levels:

  • We help you as the parents to develop your child’s profile


  • We use  this profile to develop a strengths-based, personalized plan for your child 


  • We teach you how to advocate effectively for your child with the schools and doctors


  • We work  on your child’s specific behaviors and challenges


  • You learn to see your child as one with challenges; not as a challenged child


  • You learn how not to allow others to use such challenges to define your child.