Autism is increasingly common, with 1 in every 54 children now diagnosed.

Today, there is a wider understanding of the needs of the autistic child;  however, the resources in both the educational and medical communities are still limited.


Autism can be observed early, and early intervention offers the child with the potential for a better quality of life.

We support parents of an autistic child as an expert in understanding your child, in helping you to become your child’s best coach and advocate, and in ensuring that your child receives quality resources that will provide him/her with an enriched life’s experience.

Success for your child requires you as a parent to have the time, energy, persistence, and understanding of the cultures of the medical and educational worlds. Most parents simply cannot do it alone, and they need a partner that can take the burden of their shoulders and who works exclusively for and with them.

     The P.L.A.Y. Project     

In our work, we use the P.L.A.Y. Project, an internationally renowned program based in the

University of Michigan , to work with the young child with autism. 

At its core, the P.L.A.Y Project is excellent in providing the platform for partnerships

with parents as we work together with the child.

Nothing pleases us more than watching mom/dad grow into their role as the parent

of a child with autism, and as they learn the skills that strengthen their family.