My first introduction to AD(H)D was in the 1980s while teaching a child whose cluster of negative behaviors seemed to be just bizarre. Ten years on, and I was confronted with similar behaviors in one of my children. There is nothing quite like experiencing AD(H)D from both sides of the fence as parent and professional!


3 components of ADHD

How it negatively impacts your child:

1. Distractibility and an inability to focus on a

consistent basis on schoolwork and everyday

family tasks.


2. Impulsivity and a tendency to leap before

thinking; physically restlessness and boundless

energy -- thus, the H for hyperactivity in AD(H)D. 


3. Executive Dysfunction: a chronic weakness in

organization and planning, internal (ideas,

writing, math, etc.) and external ( bedroom,

daily tasks, homework, etc.) 

1. Academic Language: difficulties with receptive (language taken in) and expressive (outgoing expression of language). Students with ADD cannot hold onto the vocabulary in any subject needed for effective communication.


2. Social Language: an absence of  the social language needed to build relationships with peers -- they simply not understand the social cues.


3. Relationship Language: an inability to build positive relationships within the family leading to arguments and tensions.