COVID-19 and online learning

Learning is difficult for many kids.  Learning online is often especially difficult for kids struggling with a challenge. Because of the virus, there are new skills that a child is now expected to master, largely without the support of a teacher.


Parents are being asked to replace the teacher, but this arrangement is often fraught,  not allowing for a developmentally appropriate  negative tension inherent when the parent intervenes in the learning process. Also, asking parents to teach their child  is also placing tremendous stress on them as they try to maintain a job from home at the same time.


Our Student Essential Skills Set Program is vital for students that struggle with how to be a better student, and the skills we teach are transferable to both online and brick and mortar platforms. Your child is being asked to be largely independent now, and looking ahead, there is a chance that his/her learning will continue to be a hybrid of both online and classroom experiences and challenges to be confronted.


Your child will need to learn to be competent in using both platforms.

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