It’s All About The Brain!

Our FREE Informal Neurodevelopmental Screening is designed to help you understand how your child’s brain impacts everything  you are seeing in him/her- strengths and challenges. 


Everything we do -- cognitively, physically, emotionally- is the result of how our brain works.


Neurology allows us to understand the eight individual domains that make up your child’s brain, and we explain this to you in a commonsense fashion.


These eight identified domains within the brain offer areas of strength in a person; some are average, and some are areas of weakness. 


When you have a good, general idea of the profile of your child, then it is possible to really understand his/her strengths and challenges in all aspects of life.


It allows you to articulate that your child is not “lazy” but instead, explains why your child faces challenges in one or more domains that impact his/her performance.


With a plan, a parent has a pathway forward.

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