Once you have your child’s neuro-developmental profile, then what’s next?  Experience shows that generally such a profile ends up being  a mix of a child’s strengths and challenges.  

We use the profile to develop a plan that walks parents  step-by-step through your individual Parent Master Plan, or PMP.  

Your PMP allows you to create goals and priorities, and with these in place, you will be able to move your child forward. Without a strategic PMP, you fall victim to being merely reactive to the latest crisis involving your child, spending all your time simply putting out fires, and without direction for growth.

Your PMP:

  • Strengths-based

  • Allows you to be in greater control, no matter what the temporary setback

  • Allows you to stay focussed and to anticipate problems

  • Allows you to become more relaxed and less stressed

  • Becomes  a living document, changing and evolving as your child evolves


We will teach you how to use your PMP to become proactive in supporting your child, allowing you to act in the present while planning ahead for your child’s future.