•Counseling vs. Parent Advocacy & Coaching

Our advocacy and coaching program is designed for loving parents who seek to grow the natural potential of their child through an individualized program. 


Is this counseling?

This is not counseling -- that is focussed re-actively on the past and often has a medical component. Counseling is for children who are seriously troubled. For such children, you should always consult with a counselor.  The Confident Parenting program is intended to support parents as they grow their challenged children to have even richer lives.  Our coaching program is intended to support parents as they advocate for and coach their children to have rich lives. 


If not counseling, then what is it?

Unlike counseling, coaching is proactive, looking forward to what can be. We seek to set specific, realistic goals in fostering a holistic view of your child in  a strengths-based approach.  Moreover, it seeks to build a collaborative partnership between child and parent that moves the child forward towards independence. Our Confident Parenting program is a dynamic process of coaching parents for success. 


 What are the other advantages of coaching and advocacy?

  • We offer parents optimism, understanding, and support without shaming or blaming.  

  • A good online coaching program understands just how hard it is to be a successful parent, and provides 100% support to the family.

  • Technology changes in the last decade and the specific manner of how millennial parents seek information are changing platforms designed to meet their needs.

  • Millennial parents seek service that is informed, convenient, collaborative. individualized and personalized, and that ensures that they are nurtured and successful.

  • Coaching is a healthy alternative for parents who have reservations about counseling.

•Other Questions

What is the goal of the Confident Parenting program?

The goal is to help parents develop their advocacy and coaching skills on behalf of their child.


How does Confident Parenting actually help?

Schools are notorious for treating parents as uninformed and a bother.  We work directly with parents to provide them with the skills they need to advocate and coach for their child.  Moreover, we help parents work on their child’s individual behavioral issues.


Who is this program intended for?

The Confident Parenting program is for children with loving parents who seek to grow the natural potential of their child and to positively address those areas of challenge, academic social-emotional, and/or physical.