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The 12 Deadly Mistakes That Parents Make In Supporting Their Challenged Child

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

1. Doing nothing! You believe it when you are told, “He’s just a boy” or “She’ll grow out of it.” You are wasting valuable time in which to help your child get on track.

2. Not making a plan for your child. You spend so much time putting out daily fires that you do not have the energy to focus on the bigger picture.

3. Not seeking to understand your child’s challenges. Parents would never leave their child’s physical challenges undiagnosed. Why do so with other, just-as-vital, struggles?

4. Not partnering with a professional advocate/coach. A good coach/advocate is your partner, offering 100% support to parents.

5. Not understanding the culture of your child’s school. In many, many schools, protecting the institution is more important than serving your struggling child.

6. Not becoming your child’s school advocate. You and your child have legal rights designed to ensure your child’s educational rights. You must learn what they are.

7. Not leading with your head but with your heart. Emotions may lead you to ask for rights that their child is not legally entitled to have.

8. Not knowing what you want from an IEP meeting. You are an equal member of this team under law, and it is your responsibility to act professionally on behalf of your child.

9. Not presenting as a professional. You cannot show up late in your PJs and expect to be taken seriously.

10. Not seeking a win-win solution with your school. You likely will be partnering with school personnel until your child graduates; you can win a battle, but lose the war.

11. Not writing things down-if it is not written down; it was not said. Get organized!

12. Not becoming your child’s advocate and coach. No-one knows and cares about your child as much as you. Partner with your coach/advocate in learning how to become your own advocate/coach over time.

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