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The Steps to Nurturing Your Child

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

First, understand that there is no perfect family. Ignore the “perfect” family next door- every family has its stresses. Some families just do a great job at hiding it better!

Nor is there a perfect child. Any parent that believes this is in for a difficult fall!

Inform yourself, develop your own set of goals for your family. Then stick to them, no matter what the neighbors are doing in their families.

Provide your child with the gift of time. She needs your presence to provide stability and guidance. You need to help her to slow down the pace of her life. Does she really need to be in four activities at any given time? Does she need to go to every party?

You are not your child’s friend. You are his parent; you are his advocate; you are a cheerleader; you are the shoulder to cry on; you are the person who will say “ No!”

Parents must control their child’s technology use! Uncontrolled access to technology is likely the most destructive enemy your family faces. Access needs to be limited. Ignore the howls; your child will survive.

Build your team! You need to surround your child with supportive role models that emphasize a strengths-based approach to his challenges.

Ensure that your child has a passion in life that is just hers, and provides an outlet outside of the negative culture of school friends.

Develop an evolving plan for success that is just for your child’s growth and not a generic document.

Just love your child for who she is. Your child will only be aged nine, twelve, sixteen once. Be genuinely interested and buckle in for the ride!

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