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Your High-Maintenance Child, Part 1

I will always remember attending the ADD presentation where a mother presented to us the story of her high maintenance child. He started and was expelled from pre-Kindergarten on the same day!

He continued as a high-maintenance child in school for the next 13 years until Graduation day from high school.

She displayed a photo of him taken as he proudly headed to the stage; however, he never made it onto that stage because of an impulsive act that led to his sudden exit from the hall, and his expulsion from school.

Fifteen years on, he is now a happy medical emergency technician and in a solid relationship.

Keep hope alive!

At Confident Parenting Coaches, we understand just how difficult parenting can be when faced with raising a child that offers special challenges-the high-maintenance child.

It is exhausting trying to parent a high-maintenance child.

For some parents, their high-maintenance child faces difficult issues and choices that require a high and ongoing level of medical care.

For other parents, their difficult challenges are connected to their child’s cognitive issues- a high-maintenance child dealing with lifelong developmental delays that mean they may never have independent lives.

There are parents that end up dealing with neurodevelopmental issues within their family-Autism, ADD, sensory issues, severe executive dysfunction (organization of self and ideas), anxiety, and so on.

For other parents, their high-maintenance child deals each day with social-emotional issues that make school and home difficult.

What each family has in common is the exhaustion and pain that often accompanies working with their high-maintenance child.

Parents may love their children to pieces, but they can be emotionally and financially draining, and can seriously disrupt the rest of the family’s life.

For the parents faced with their high-maintenance child’s medical or cognitive issues, the path can be very painful.

For these parents, there comes the realization at some stage that the door

begins to close for a complete and full life on their child’s own terms.

Accommodations may be possible; advances may be possible; however, in the end, parents often must come to terms with what the future may bring for their child.

For many parents, the State and community often offer important support, and parents dealing with such a difficult scenario should use every service possible to make life easier.

These parents offer undying love and support, and they deserve our praise.

Parents of other high-maintenance children have their own challenges.

On our Confident Parenting Coaches website, we offer parents a FREE neurodevelopmental assessment of their child that highlights both strengths and challenges.

This screening offers information on eight domains of the brain that regulate every aspect of your child’s life-cognitive; social-emotional, physical, and behavior.

High-maintenance children face greater challenges in one or more of these areas than the average child, and the challenges are much more accentuated than the strengths and dominate the child’s interactions in school and at home.

In the end, what parents need to be successful in raising their high maintenance child is a strategic plan into young adulthood.

This is what we do at Confident Parenting Coaches in partnership with parents. We create the plan, and then support parents in its execution-all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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