Welcome to The Passport to Global Citizenship! The personalized Passport to Global Citizenship (PCC) is designed to prepare your child  for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century economy and society.  It is a powerful tool that offers your child the opportunity to take the lead in his/her own holistic growth, enables you as the parent, the chance to guide your child by partnering with them in their growth over time, and offers a historic archive that is of great practical use in college applications , offering a much fuller, rounder, holistic picture of how your child has grown over the years.

We have your back! - Brendan Sheerin


As a BONUS we offer parents:

  • Your child's FREE neurodevelopmental screening                                       

  • Your child’s FREE written report

  • Your FREE Parent Master Plan

  • Your FREE 1-on-1 virtual consultation


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How To Create Your Child’s Passport in Global Citizenship ©

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How To Create Your Child’s Passport in Global Citizenship