Our services

Not every child facing challenges has a diagnosis yet. Here are challenges we can help with:

  •  Child who is not thriving in school; who hates going to school

  • Friendships-making and keeping; bullying and bullied 

  • Specific learning disabilities

  • Chronic disorganization (Executive Dysfunction) and homework wars!

  • Memory training and strategies

  • Developmental delays

  • Multiple disabilities

  • Sensory-Smart Strategies for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Communication and language issues

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Behavior struggles at home and in school

Autism Support

Today, there is a wider understanding of the needs of the autistic child;  however, the resources in both the educational and medical communities are still limited. Autism can be observed early, and early intervention offers the child with the potential for a better quality of life.


Through Autism Services of Southern Colorado, Confident Parenting offers services including the world renowned P.L.A.Y. Project to help.

In our work, we use the P.L.A.Y. Project, an internationally renowned program based in the University of Michigan to work with the young child with autism. At its core, the P.L.A.Y Project is excellent in providing the platform for partnerships with parents as we work together with the child.

ADHD support

School and everyday life tend to be very difficult for the AD(H)D child and parents.  ADD students cannot hold onto the vocabulary in any subject needed for effective communication. School and everyday life tend to be very difficult for the AD(H)D child and parents thanks to distractibility, impulsivity, executive dysfunction, and more.