There are thousands of children that face academic, emotional, and physical challenges and that have legal rights that are often ignored.


They are not receiving the holistic approach to their growth they need and deserve.


In our experience:

  • Your child is in educational trouble, and yet, it is a minority of schools that are meeting the individualized needs of these children.

  • You may have been encouraged to use drugs with your children, but yet, you feel guilty and are concerned about placing your child on pretty powerful drugs.

  • You are receiving little support in dealing with your child’s struggles from either the medical or educational communities.

  • You are  struggling with your child who is anxious and who feels like he has no control of his daily life, and for whom this shows in his daily behavior.

  • You feel isolated and overwhelmed. It’s too much, and you need support

School Children

How do we partner with parents?


Parents' Role:

  • You are the natural advocate for your child.

  • You have power only when you have information

  • You must ensure that the school gives your child an appropriate education.

  • You must tactfully help teachers by educating them about your child

  • You must build a strong partnership with your partners at Confident Parenting


Our Role:

  • We gather all needed information and do research for you.

  • We shepherd parents through the IEP process and services.

  • We monitor progress throughout the year when you are too busy.

  • We connect families with other professionals like doctors, teachers, etc.

  • We coach parents to become the best advocates and coaches for their child.

  • We work with parents on specific behavioral  issues at home with their child.

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